A stay at Melsted Badehotel can be combined with a wealth of experiences on Bornholm. We have put together a number of stays that give you time and opportunity to explore the island's many offers. Be sure to ask about our activity calendar when you visit us. If you have special wishes for your stay, we are also happy to help.

Enjoy Bornholm's best location

Mid-week stay

Our mid-week stays allow you to extend your weekend with a few extra days and enjoy the more peaceful periods on Bornholm between weekends and high season in weeks 18-24 and 36-41.

We pamper you from arrival to departure here in Bornholm's best location in a beautiful setting with top-class food. Arrive on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday and save 20% on a minimum 2-night stay.

The promotion will automatically appear in our online booking system when you select arrival on Sunday. Monday or Tuesday.

4 for the price of 3 nights

Arrive on Sunday and get 4 nights for the price of 3 nights - Save 25%. This package is perfect for those who want to slow down and have time to explore Bornholm with your loved one(s). Escape from everyday life and stay at Melsted Badehotel for a few days of delicious food, beautiful nature and time for relaxation. The offer is valid in weeks 18-24 and 36-41 with Sunday check-in 

The promotion will automatically appear in our online booking system when you select arrival on Sundays. Subsequent nights are sold at the standard rate.

Golf stays

Only about 5 kilometers from Melsted Badehotel is Gudhjem Golf Club, which has the most beautiful golf courses in Bornholm. The Old Course is an impressive course with cliffs and lake, and is a rather challenging experience even for the discerning golfer. The New Course is one of Denmark's longest courses with beautiful views of the Baltic Sea and Christiansø.

We have organized an overnight golf package where we offer a stay with golf, where you decide on which days and courses you want to spend your green fees. We provide course sandwiches & water, so you just have to enjoy the trip.

Cycling accommodation

Bornholm offers plenty of outdoor activities, from hiking to fishing, canoeing and cycling. The island's compact size makes it ideal for cycling, as there are many well-signposted cycling routes and distances are relatively short (a round trip along the entire coast is 105 kilometers long).

It's important to remember that Bornholm's terrain is not as flat as the rest of Denmark. In fact, the northern coast and inland is quite hilly, but your extra effort will be rewarded with stunningly beautiful views.

We have both regular bikes and e-bikes for our guests, and you can reserve bikes in advance if you want to be sure to have them available during your stay.

Yoga stays

Combine a visit to Melsted Badehotel with yoga, meditation, walks and food in a class of its own. Our location at the water's edge invites you to immerse yourself and our 18,000 square meters of beach meadow in direct extension of Melsted Strand offers an ideal setting for relaxation and yoga.

Contact us to find out more about the periods we can offer yoga retreats.