About Melsted
Seaside hotel


Melsted Badehotel is a newly renovated first-class seaside hotel in classic Nordic style, decorated with beautiful references to the hotel's original period. The seaside hotel is superbly located with views of the island's distinctive cliffs and Melsted Strand, an idyllic sandy beach on the outskirts of Gudhjem with a stream, mare straw and jetty. The beach hotel is open from the Easter holidays up to and including week 43 (end of October).


Melsted Badehotel is situated in a prime waterfront location on the idyllic Melsted Strand with panoramic views of the Baltic Sea and the characteristic Bornholm granite cliffs.

Ever since the beach hotel opened back in 1932, it has been considered one of Bornholm's best. The striking white funkis building draws parallels to Arne Jacobsen's iconic beach park in Klampenborg, which also opened in 1932. Originally, there were also functional changing cabins on Melsted Strand, so bathers could change directly on the beach.

Today, you can feel the wings of history in the exclusive surroundings of the bathing hotel, while you are pampered here at the water's edge with top-class service and gastronomy by two of the island's most experienced restaurateurs, Troels Madsen and Daniel Kruse. The entire beach hotel is newly renovated and includes 21 beautiful individually decorated rooms.

Whether you are in your room, in the hotel's 18,000 square meters of private beach meadow or in the seaside hotel's beautiful restaurant at the water's edge, there is a formidable view of the Baltic Sea and the scenic areas around the hotel invite you to walk in all directions. Among other things, along the famous cliff path to Gudhjem Harbour of just over 1 km, which is characterized as one of Denmark's most exciting walks.

Welcome to Melsted Badehotel

Pernille Bülow chandelier, Melsted Badehotel

2021 - Now

In the fall of 2021, the Halborg-Bendtsen family will take over Melsted Badehotel with a vision of creating a locally rooted and traditional seaside hotel based on the site's natural surroundings, history and local environment in and around Gudhjem.

Against this background, local hospitality will be introduced with a new hotel manager from Bornholm, Ajaja Kofoed-Nørgaard. Troels Madsen and Daniel Kruse, two of Bornholm's most experienced and recognized chefs, known from Christianshøjkroen, Restaurant Molen and Det Røde Pakhus, among others. are at the helm of the restaurant with an ambition to raise the culinary level to new heights.

The physical setting at Melsted Badehotel will be given a complete facelift in the classic seaside hotel style, respecting the hotel's fundamental DNA and zeitgeist. One of the best interior designers of the time, Josephine Malling, is designing the hotel's renewed design line, which balances beautifully between the romantic seaside hotel and the Nordic minimalism characteristic of the hotel's original period in the 1930s.


Michael Almeborg, a businessman from Bornholm, is buying the Melsted seaside hotel and carrying out a series of renovation projects to give the exterior a facelift. These include new terraces, new roofs on three of the buildings, and new windows and doors in the restaurant in the main building.

The married couple Steen Berthelsen and Camilla Faaborg-Andersen lease the seaside hotel and continue to run it according to the concept of "quiet luxury" in a cozy and informal atmosphere. Steen Berthelsen succeeds with his more than 40 years of experience in the restaurant industry to lift the culinary heritage.


The Hjorth Madsen family buys Melsted seaside hotel and Lise Hjort Madsen puts oceans of energy and effort into the place for the next 18 years. She had a dream of creating a small, beautiful hotel and got the idea for her new life's work when she lived in the south of England and fell in love with the fine little seaside hotels on the English south coast. She set about renovating and modernizing the interior of the hotel in the best New England style with beautiful classic textiles, delicate little French lamps, luxury beds and romantic antiques.

She laid the foundations for the idyllic and peaceful Melsted Badehotel we know today with her burning desire to protect the peace and tranquillity you experience here at the water's edge. She called the hotel "The little hotel with a voice full of care.

Melsted Badehotel also gets a huge culinary boost and Lise Hjort Madsen helps to strengthen the food culture on Bornholm. She really puts Melsted Badehotel on the gastronomic map through a collaboration with Erwin Lauterbach and two of his Saison chefs, Frederik Bille Brahe and Peter Nøhr Christensen. Erwin Lauterbach is considered by many to be something of a wizard in the kitchen, and the chef who started the wave of gastronomic development that today has resulted in restaurants such as NOMA and world-famous Danish chefs.


Gudhjem restaurateur Erik Noe takes over Melsted Badehotel and initiates the hotel's first major exterior renovation with the characteristic white buildings, blue windows and open green areas, laying the foundations for the seaside hotel we know today. The seaside hotel flourishes and becomes very popular among both locals and tourists on the island.

After his sudden death in 2000, the seaside hotel changed owners.

1932 - 1995

Klara Christensen was one of the pioneers of tourism on Bornholm. Early on, she jumped on the newest trend of the upper middle class: summer vacations. Simply by renting out the rooms in her house to summer guests. She ran it all herself and in 1935 Klara built a brand new and sparkling building next to the old house. Pension Ellebæk was the name of the place and the funk-inspired building is today Melsted Badehotel. Even back then it was chalk white.

In 1949 the hotel was sold and lived a rather inconspicuous existence with different owners, including Harry Hammer, who hosted the place for a dozen years - and incidentally for a time chairman of Gudhjem og Omegns Turistforening. Then Aksel Hansen until 1983 and Lillian and Benny Henriksen until 1995.