Bornholm at its best

Melsted Badehotel is a fully renovated first-class bathing hotel in classic Nordic style, decorated with beautiful references to the bathing hotel's period of origin. The seaside hotel is superbly located with a view of the island's distinctive cliffs and Melsted beach, which is a secluded sandy beach with both a river, wild nature and a jetty. The seaside hotel opens on April 30th. The restaurant opens on April 5 for lunch and dinner.

At Bornholm's best seaside hotel

As an extension of the sandy beach, Melsted Badehotel's elegant, white facade rises from its 18,000 sq m private beach meadow. The architectural appearance and interior renovation balances beautifully between the classic, familiar seaside hotel style and Nordic minimalism. Here at the oceanfront - within walking distance of Gudhjem - location, hospitality, view and gastronomy meet, and when they do, you have arrived at Melsted Badehotel.


A true seaside hotel

Bornholms best location

Melsted Badehotel is a genuine seaside hotel in Bornholm's most beautiful location at the water's edge near Gudhjem. The seaside hotel is located directly on the idyllic Melsted Strand, which is a secluded sandy beach with its own jetty, dunes, seaweed and a cozy stream within walking distance to Gudhjem along the scenic cliff path. You won't find anything better on Bornholm. From the wide, white sandy beach between the distinctive Bornholm rocks, you will be truly pampered.


Idyllic seaside environment

Alle the hotel rooms are newly renovated and individually decorated with beautiful references to the hotel's period of origin with historic wallpapers, high panels and classic Danish design furniture. Here at Bornholm's first real seaside hotel, the idyllic seaside atmosphere meets Nordic minimalism, to create a perfect extension of the heyday of the classic Danish seaside hotel era. Melsted Badehotel exudes history and a relaxed, homely cottage atmosphere, where guests return year after year and meet for a morning dip on the cozy jetty. Read more about the hotel rooms here.


A historical seaside hotel

Melsted Badehotel was founded in 1932 and has since been considered one of Bornholm's best. The seaside hotel has a place in the hearts of most Bornholmers and has over time been a local focal point. Today, location, hospitality, service and gastronomy meet each other, and when they do, you have arrived at Melsted Badehotel. Read more about the seaside hotel's long history here.

Restaurant Melsted Badehotel

A visit to the restaurant is one of the highlights of your stay at Melsted Badehotel. At Restaurant Melsted Badehotel, taste, service and atmosphere come together. The restaurant is just a few steps from the waterfront and within walking distance to Gudhjem. Here, the entire Bornholm pantry comes into play and you will experience classic quality craftsmanship prepared from the season's local ingredients when our experienced team of chefs with Troels Madsen and Daniel Kruse at the helm rolls out.

A taste of the island

The cuisine is based on classic Danish-French traditions, with plenty of fresh seafood. For lunch, enjoy Bornholm-inspired cuisine with innovative open sandwiches and a selection of daily dishes. In the evening, you can choose à la carte or choose one of the menus - the signature menu or the seasonal menu - which changes daily and is based on seasonal local produce and a daily supply of the best from our local markets. Start the morning with a dip in the ocean before enjoying our delicious breakfast buffet, which also varies daily with fresh fruit, berries, local specialties, homemade pastries and small delicious hot dishes. Read more about the restaurant's cuisine and menu here.


Floating over the sea

The restaurant is decorated in light Nordic shades with elegant references to the seaside hotel's period of origin in the 1930s. The view of the Baltic Sea and Christiansø couldn't be better and it almost feels like restaurant and sea merge into one. Here you can satisfy your senses with honest and tasty food, while you get the feeling of almost floating above the water. From the restaurant's large viewing terrace you can enjoy the warmth of the sun all day long with panoramic views of Melsted Strand, the Baltic Sea, Christiansø and the distinctive cliffs, while you are pampered with the best of Bornholm's pantry.


Barefoot luxury

The beach hotel i situated in its own 18,000 sq meter private beach meadow, which invites you to enjoy your morning coffee in our white sun loungers, or afternoon drinks over a game of petanque accompanied by the peaceful sound of the Baltic Sea. You can also rent a bicycle at the hotel and set out on one of the island's exciting cycling routes. We are happy to assist with inspiration and guidance, so please stop by for a chat about the many possibilities in the vicinity of the hotel - and if you are lucky, you can get your hands on one of our resident artist Marianne Ring's handmade maps of Melsted Badehotel and the surrounding area. The area around the hotel invites you to go for walks in all directions. Read more about the many unique experiences in and around Melsted Badehotel here.